Year 5

In Year Five this term we have been learning about the impact of Plastic Pollution on our planet. The children wrote letters to big supermarket chains, persuading them to cut down on their use of plastic in their stores.

Year Five also produced non-chronological reports on ‘Plastic Pollution’. In their reports they included: subheadings and bullet points to organise their information and a glossary to make it easier for the reader to interpret. We have even carried out our own science investigation on pollution, looking at how the fibres from our clothes end up in the sea once they have been washed.

At the end of term, Matthew Pennycook (our local MP) will visit the school to discuss the topic of ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Plastic Pollution’. We will ask him questions on these topics and put forward some suggestions on how schools of Greenwich can become more ecologically friendly.

(please click on the images below to view samples of our work)

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