Religious Education

At Our Lady of Grace School we seek to live out the values of Jesus Christ and to promote these by our words and actions.

We follow the approved scheme of work - The Way, the Truth and the Life.

We provide a Catholic curriculum which is broad and balanced; one which recognises that every one of us is unique and is created in the image of God.

We recognise our place in the wider community and strive to engage with it in a spirit of equality and freedom.

Autumn Term Newsletter - Sept 2021

Spring  Term Newsletter - Feb 2022

Summer Term Newsletter - May 2022

The Month of Mary

As May is the month of Mary, we reflect on her life and the key events which took place. It was important to consider the challenges she would have faced and think about how her faith in God helped her to persevere. The children in year 5 showed empathy whilst creating diary entries from Mary's perspective.

25th March BC
Dear Diary,
Today the Lord has sent his blessings unto me for today is the Lord is the day that the Lord has made. He has sent his Angel -Gabriel-  who came to me and said, “Do not be afraid,for God has chosen you to have a baby,and you shall name this child Jesus. At this moment, I felt reputable, glorious and honoured for the Lord of Heaven and Earth has chosen me out of a billion women. No matter what, I had to obey the Lord for he is powerful which shows I am a lucky person. At the same time, apprehensive worries flourished through my body for I was the mother of the Son of God. All I felt was blind obedience even though I did not understand. God is my life, my purpose ; the way, the truth and the life; I have no doubt, no worries of giving praise to God.
25th December
Dear Diary,
Today was an amazing day for I have given birth to the Son of God. I  may have been tired, worried and even had doubt but I knew God will protect, guide and bless Jesus and I; I was feeling optimistic and positive for I knew my belief, faith and trust in God was strong and deep. After the people -wise men and shepherds- had left, I watched the child of the most high sleep in peace. “This is God’s great blessing to me,” I thought. Feeling optimistic,  it was a good feeling knowing I am raising God’s child.
By  Rebecca
St Elizabeth

         In Year 4,we have been reflecting and thinking about the crucial part that Mary plays in Jesus' life as well as in our own lives. 

Firstly, we generated some adjectives to describe Mary. Here are some examples: patient, kind, obedient, loving, pure and humble.

Using watercolours, we have created some beautiful pieces of artwork to represent Mary. We thought carefully about the shades we wanted to use and the atmosphere we aspired to create through the art. When we look at our artwork, we think it matches the adjectives we came up with perfectly.

           Mary art 1              Mary art 2

The children in Year 2 created flowersto surround Mary with. We have been
learning the song ‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’ which we sang as a class as we
placed the flowers on the class alter.

              Y2 mary       Y2 mary2

Knights of St Columba

Children from Our Lady of Grace were asked to participate in a national young people's nativity painting competition organised by the Knights of St Columba.

We were really glad to find out that 2 of our children were winners - Tyler (Yr 4) who came 1st; and Julen (Yr 2) who came 2nd.

Well done to both of them.

 Our Lady of Grace Food Bank

                               Foodbank poster 2


                    Poster 3




RE Programme

We are delighted to announce that our school is participating in a brand new Relationship Education programme for Catholic primary schools, titled Life to the Full.

Please click on the link below to view more details about this:

Life to the Full

February 2022 - Update from RE Lead

Other Religions

At Our Lady of Grace, we teach children to welcome and facilitate all people of all backgrounds, including those of different faiths. 


Today in RE Year 1 were joined by a Muslim from our local community. Building on our previous lesson about Eid-ul-Fitr, we discovered more about how Muslims prepare and celebrate during this festival. We listened to stories about the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and drew similarities between stories of Jesus and his disciples. We had the opportunity to ask our guests lots of questions about Islam. We were able to look at the Qur’an, a prayer mat, and a hijab and consider the importance they have within the faith.

Sd2      Sd3      Sd4

Elena from Year 3, who is a Muslim, has visited St Francis and St Bernadette classes to talk about her religion. She shared some information about Islam, showed children how she prays and taught the them how to speak and write letters in Arabic language. 

After the session the children shared what they learned about Islam and modelled how Muslims pray:

               Islam 1           Islam 2

‘We learned how to write Arabic letters and how to say them’    Penny

‘It doesn’t matter if we don’t belong to the same religion, we respect and love each other.’      Testimony

‘Muslims pray 5 times in a day’    Lexine.

‘Muslims go to the Mosque to pray’    Reggie.


In Year 3, we had a presentation from a Sikh, Himmat's Dad. We learned about where they worship and why they wear turbans. We also learned that in Sikhism every one is equal.

He told us all about the birth of Sikhism as well as what Sikhs believe. He finished off with a quiz and because we all listened really well, we got 100%! It was really interesting to find out about another faith. 


         Img 03711                Sikhism2



All classes have been studying Judaism as part of the schools ‘Other Faiths’ topic.

Rabbi Rose from Catford and Bromley Synagogue took a lovely assembly with the children. Once again, he was so impressed with their knowledge and questioning. The Jewish feast of Passover and the significance for us Christians of the Last Supper reminded us again of all that different religions have in common.

Easter Service - March 2022

The Passion service was a very moving performance by all the children which summed up the message of Easter. A big thank you to all the staff for co-ordinating this event at the end of such a busy term. 

We received some wonderful comments from our parents:

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the school performance of the Passion this week.

The children behaved beautifully. Their stillness and silence were striking in the moments between the hymns and the readers were confident and assured in their delivery.  The simple wooden cross, left so poignantly on the stage at the end of the performance, reminds us all of the Hope of Easter amidst the constant news of pandemic and war which challenge us at this time.  The performance makes the Easter story accessible, even for the youngest children and ensures that the most important of Christian feasts takes its place at the heart of school life."

Our Mini Vinnies have also been thinking of ways of going beyond our school family to bring joy to people. They worked with Miss Maddison to make special Easter cards and wrote some thoughtful messages inside. We have delivered them to the kind parishioners at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church.


In the week before the beginning of Lent, Mark Scully, an old friend and frequent visitor, came to talk to us all about CAFOD's 'Give It Up' challenge.

Our children are asked to give something up for a day, a week or the whole of Lent, then make regular donations in their CAFOD boxes, so our small change can make a BIG change.

Their efforts will go towards helping communities in Zimbabwe who are desperate to start projects which will enable them to become self-sufficient. Each £1 donated will be matched by Government Funding - so we really can make a difference!

Remember, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and we will be focusing on our Lenten Journeys as soon as we return after half-term.

Mark also worked alongside Junior classes to talk about the plight of refugees. His message and power-point gave an insight into his work and the children wrote such lovely prayers and messages of support. They understand that we are all required to “welcome the stranger” as Christ asked us.

Dscn1085  Dscn1087



Preparing for Christmas

On 5th December Year 6 took part in the annual Advent Service at St George's Cathedral, Southwark.

As expected, they proved excellent ambassadors for our School. They sang, not only their own two carols, but also joined in with all the rest - without the need of a hymn sheet.

They presented a donation to the Catholic Children's Society on behalf of our School and, by the end of the Service, we all felt that Advent had really begun.


Catholic Section 48 Inspection - May 2017

'Our Lady of Grace is an Outstanding school which is committed to high academic achievement and all-round development of its pupils. The pupils' experience and understanding of the Catholic way of life, and their appreciation of social, moral and ethical issues is exceptional.'

'Our Lady of Grace's Mission Statement is at the heart of school Life. Its shortened and well-used form, "Do your best, let God do the rest" is a significant driving force in the considerable success of this school.'


Mass and Blessing of our new School Premises

On Friday 19th May we were delighted to welcome Bishop Patrick Lynch to our brand new school building – and what a wonderful day we had!

Bishop Pat led our Parish Priest and fellow Deanery priests in a prayerful, reflective and joyous celebration and the children responded beautifully. Their wonderful singing and reading made the Mass even more special and spiritual for the congregation. We are so proud of them!

The Offertory Procession and Bidding Prayers were delivered by members of our School Community and this included Governors and pupils.

After Mass, our special visitors – our MP, Head Teachers, Architects, Representatives from CAFOD, the LA and of course, the Catholic Commission, stayed behind for a bite to eat while the children enjoyed a packed lunch, fun and games and…a visit from an Ice Cream Van!!!

Thanks to all the parents who came along to Mass.

These past weeks have been filled with an OFSTED Inspection, the Mass of celebration, and an RE Inspection on 23rd May. Your continuing support is very much appreciated – we know we are blessed – many thanks. 

Mark Scully, CAFOD -

Thank you so much for inviting me to be present at the Mass on Friday. I was really impressed with your pupils' behaviour throughout the morning, and the music was truly wonderful. I'm certain that they will all remember the Mass for a long time and especially the words of Bishop Pat.

In particular, a really big thank you to everyone at Our Lady of Grace for your recent fantastic donation to CAFOD of £602. I was pleased to hear that you have received a 'Thank You' certificate from CAFOD. 

Kindest regards,

Mark Scully

Sam 4514  Sam 4516

Sam 4522  Sam 4527

Sam 4530  Sam 4579


United Reformed Church

Year 5 visited the United Reformed Church along the road and looked at the similarities and differences between this and Our Lady of Grace Church.

The children asked really searching questions, acted with enormous respect and were reminded of the fact that we should all try to 'build bridges and not walls.'

It was a real priviledge to meet our neighbours and to make links with a Church previously unknown to us.

Dscn0244  Dscn0245



Lenten Service - March 2017

On Tuesday the whole school took part in our special service for Lent.

We re-enacted the last week in the life of Jesus and, as usual, our children acted with reverence and respect.

The service was beautifully moving. The singing and reading was wonderful and it was a very fitting and relevant reminder to us all that we are approaching the most important week in the life of our Church. The week we call Holy Week.

One of our parents commented:

Dear Mr Small
I just wanted to write and say how lovely this morning's service was. The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to the school. The Easter story was presented with clarity and reverence and really was very moving. The readers did a brilliant job and the young man who portrayed Jesus was mature beyond his years in his dignity and assurance in the role.
A big thanks to the children and especially the teachers who helped put it all together, especially in the light of the recent Ofsted visit, which must have been quite time consuming.
I hope all involved were pleased with the performance.
Thanks again
Mrs Palmer

Img 0801  Img 0803



Mark Scully, a representative from CAFOD, held workshops with children in Years 4 and 6 on the topic of Refugees.

Following his visit he wrote - "Thank you for allowing me to visit Our Lady of Grace on Thursday. I really enjoyed seeing your brand new school in action. I was quite envious having spent my entire teaching career in pretty old and dilapidated school buildings. I do hope that the Year 6 and 4 pupils enjoyed my workshops and learnt more about our work with refugees."


Studying other Faiths - Judaism

On Thursday 23rd March Rabbi Rose came to our school again!

We have all been learning about Judaism during Lent and Rabbi Rose explained to us the symbolism and significance of the Passover Meal and the Seclar Plate.

We had the opportunity once again to recognise the similarities between major World Religions and it was fortunate that just a few days later, we celebrated our own Lenten Service.

When the 'apostles' and our youngest children waved their paper palms in the air, we remembered what Rabbi Rose had told us about the Jewish Feast of Passover.

Dscn0168  Dscn0170

Dscn0186  Dscn0187


KS2 Carol Concert

What a wonderful concert the KS2 children performed for parents, carers and the community in Our Lady of Grace Church.

Father Josephat wrote a lovely letter to the school -

"Dear Sean,

I write to thank and congratulate you, your staff and the pupils of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School, Charlton for your brilliant performance last night at the Christmas Carol by the School.

The Clergy and the entire members of the parish are delighted with the performance of the children and are very proud of you, your staff and the kids and say KEEP IT UP!

Wishing you and the entire School Community a very Happy and Joyful Chistmas.

Thanks and God Bless."


Josephine Spittles, Chair of Governors also commented:

"The KS2 carol service is a highlight of the year. This year the childrenb did not disappoint. Their readings of the Christmas story were clear and expressive and they sang beautifully. A special mention for the choir whose part singing was especially appreciated by the audience. A perfect reminder of the true meaning of Christmas."


“When I was hungry you fed me"

During October we celebrated HARVEST. While we gave thanks for our food and its producers we thought too about people who are struggling to make ends meet and are finding it hard to feed their families. We collected tins and packets of food from our fantastically generous parents and we donated these to the local Food Bank. They will now distribute this to families in the area who need help.

This Autumn has taught us some hard lessons about our responsibilities towards others - and stark reminders that we are asked to live the Gospel values we teach at home and in school

Skm 554e16110417410 0001


Other Faiths

Imam Swaleh from the mosque in Woolwich, visited us to talk about his role in the Community.

We weren’t at all surprised to learn that Muslims and Christians have much in common and it was good to hear Imam Swaleh re-affirm this.

The Imam said, as he left, that he loved coming to see us because our children always listened well and he “loved the atmosphere around the place.”

Thank you Imam Swaleh.


Bishop Pat’s Visit to OLOG

The whole School came together for a special Mass which was celebrated by Bishop Patrick Lynch along with priests from the Parish.

After the service, Mr Small invited parents to come along and share tea/coffee and cakes with our School Staff. Many thanks Bishop Pat!

Re 4    Re 6


Studying Other Faiths

As part of Judaism week (w/c 24th November) we invited Mr Gerald Rose came from the synagogue in Catford to give a presentation at assembly. He brought a range of interesting artefacts to show us and explained how the Jewish people are descended from Abraham. During this week the children will be working on different aspects of Judaism and their work will be put on display.

The children commented: a Rabbi, known as Dr Rose, came to OLOG to give us a presentation about Judaism. He told us that Shabbat was a resting day for Jews. On Shabbat you are not allowed to work or do anything creative. Switching on a light bulb is considered to be working.

On that day Mr Rose handed out some doorknobs with Hebrew passaged inside. He then showed us some bronze plates.

Re 16  Re 17


First Holy Communion

At the beginning of the new school year, the catholic baptised children in Year 3 begin their preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and then first Holy Communion in June.

The children attending Our Lady of Grace School will be prepared following the school RE programme during their normal classes with occasional contributions from priests of the parish, as well as attend classes with other children run by the parish catechists at Church over the coming months.

At this important milestone in their spiritual lives, your children will need your support and encouragement. We can all work together, to guide them by teaching and example in the coming months.

Re 25  Re 26


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