EYFS - St Francis

Woodlands Farm

EYFS went on a trip to the Woodland Farm. We went and had a look at different farm animals and learnt about their habitat. We also got to see and stroke the chicken, sheep and guinea pig.  We went pond dipping and found many different mini-beasts and used magnifying glasses to observe them closely.

St francis woodlands 1  St francis woodlands 2

St francis woodlands 3  St francis woodlands 4

St francis woodlands 5


World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day we all got dressed in our pyjamas and had parents, grandparents and carers visit the class and they shared some stories with the children.

(Please click on the link below to view some pictures of the day).

World Book Day - EYFS


Martime Trip

St Francis class went on a School trip to the Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark. We pretended to be sailors and steered the ship, shovelled the coal into the fire, sold fish and cooked some delicious sea food.

We also explored the Cutty Sark and found out how the ship got its name. Finally, we made figureheads for our own ships.

Cutty sark 19 1  Cutty sark 2019

Cutty sark 19 3 


EYFS Phonics Workshop

Reception parents came in to watch Phonics teaching sessions in both reception classes over two days. The school uses Synthetic Phonics to develop children’s early reading and writing skills. Parents had a first-hand experience of what the sessions entail. Parents were shown different blending and segmenting techniques they can use when supporting their children at home.   

Eyfs phonics jan 18 1  Eyfs phonics jan 18 3


EYFS Maths Workshop

Addition was the focus of the parents workshop on 29th and Tuesday 30th January. Parents observed two teaching sessions where teachers used different play methods and resources to teach the concept of addition. Both sessions were well attended by parents. Feedback given by parents confirms that they found the sessions very helpful.

Eyfs maths jan 18 1  Eyfs maths jan 18 3


Our Special Visitors

Children in Reception classes were very lucky to be visited by a Midwife, the Police and our local Crossing Patrol Officer. They explained to the children what they did as part of their job and even let them try on some of their uniforms and use their equipment. It was very interesting and fun. Thank you to everyone who came.

Dscn2632  Dscn2707

Dscn2746  Dscn2767